Having a home that is safe and comfortable is everybody’s dream. In addition to these two factors, it is always taken into consideration before buying a home is the price of the house. Along with the times, there arose a new innovation to make a minimalist home that is safe, convenient, and more affordable. Minimalist when it’s already become a favorite choice as a place to live for many people. Minimalist house has minimal furniture arrangement concept is nowadays, it has become a trend and lifestyle of modern man. With limited human land are required to be able to maximize the available space. So with the minimalist home inspiration gained from this Zen lifestyle then you can now have a place to stay that is comfortable and quiet although only to a limited area. Read this tips from http://www.loan-money-fast.com/

Well for those of you who really want a minimalist home then you should know the approximate cost of the construction. In calculating the cost of this development is usually a lot of people have trouble and confusion. Because the cost to build a minimalist house is quite difficult to predict. It takes precision and accuracy for anyone who would build a house minimalist. And then, as if counting the cost of the actual construction of a minimalist home? Here’s his review.
Preparation Building Minimalist
For the first step in the construction of a minimalist home, you must do the preparation. Preparation is used here to make your plans to build a minimalist house run smoothly and successfully. Here are some preparations that you need to prepare it:
1. Establish Minimalist type to be set
The first thing to set up in the construction of a minimalist home is to know and specify the type of house that will have you up. Minimalist house does have some type of course each of his type have different costs in construction. Especially if you also have some of the factors to be met in the construction of the house such as the desire of home design that often changed, the price of building materials are increasingly expensive, or pay development work using wholesale services or daily rates.
2. Count one by one Minimalist Your Needs
To obtain a detailed cost then you are required to perform the calculation of each one of the needs of your minimalist home. Unfortunately in the field has found many cases of people who thought that the cost of building a house can be specified directly. For example if a building area of 100 square meters and the price of construction services 3 million per square meter, the total cost is $ 300 million. Though in fact to determine the cost of construction of a minimalist home is not as simple as imagined. So much more than that if you want to know in detail the cost of construction of a minimalist home then you inevitably have to calculate the number of needs and large were made. Things such as building materials or specifications of the material used, accessories and home furnishings used and more.
3. Prepare and Start Building Fund
After you define and specify the type of minimalist home you want to wake up and also calculate the need for per-item minimalist house (unit), the final step is setting up the fund and start building. Remember you also need to provide more funds than the initial calculation, as the general construction of the house can be will exceed most predictions.
Counting the Cost Build Houses Unit Price Analysis System
The order of calculation of the cost of a minimalist home by unit or per-item are as follows:
• Make a picture houses to be built.
• Creating a material specification or a work plan and terms of the building.
• Make a detailed list of tasks to be performed.
• Calculate the volume of each – each item of work.
• Looking for a list price of wages and the latest materials.
• Calculate the unit price analysis of each work item.
• multiply the volume by price analysis unit.
• Make the number of overall price.
Add the numbers on the calculation budget plan building with a VAT of 10% and the value of the wholesale profits will be given to the contractor.
For example: if you want to build a minimalist house then before you need to first create an image. Moreover plan what materials will be used. After that make the details of the work items that will be calculated the unit price is generally as follows:
• preparation (land clearance, importation of materials and so on)
• foundation (excavation, installation of the foundation stone, land fill back)
• reinforced concrete structures such as sloof, columns and beams.
• wall covering following pairs brick wall plastering and acian.
• roof frame and finishing the roof covering the house.
• Job ceiling of the house.
• Work the floor of the house.
• The installation of plumbing and electrical home appliances.
• Painting and perapihan.
Each item of work on you can then calculate the volume based on the image of the building is accompanied size. After that calculate the unit price also topped off by turning the volume x unit price = price of work items. As an example is the work item masonry time you can calculate the volume of 10 m3 at a unit price of Rp400,000. From here it can be known that the cost of masonry work this time is 10m3 x Rp400,000 = Rp4,000,000.
Development costs Minimalist General (per square meter)
If you really want to know the cost of imposing general development then you can see the reference below. Remember this is just the cost in the form of a range, so it is not exactly one hundred percent. So the range of costs that are common on construction of the house is minimalist:
• For a building area of 100 square meters costs between Rp300 to Rp350 million.
• For a building area of 101-300 square meters will cost around Rp325 to Rp375 million.
• For a building area of over 301 square meters costs between Rp350 to Rp400 million.
When compared with the calculation of per-item calculation is generally based on building area will usually take a greater cost. This cost overruns caused by several things such as
• The deal price with the contractor.
• The area and type of materials used
• Licensing and distribution of material from the store to your home location
So if you really want to get the right price list is in addition to calculating the per-item, you can do a survey of the range of prices of building materials and labor costs in that area.
Count Cost Rugged Build Houses Minimalist 2 Floor
For those of you who want to know the details of the construction costs minimalist house two floors, you can read the following information. The budget estimates the average overall cost to build a minimalist house two floors are minimal Rp165 million. But if you want to build a minimalist house two floors of type 60, then you need to prepare a budget of between 300 million and 400 million.
The calculation of the construction of a minimalist two-story house itself consists of several detail below.
Calculate the financing of building material per square meter. Choose a good quality building materials at once, with an estimated per square meter multiplied by the total area of the building.
Lastly you can calculate the overall budget plan of the building to house multiplied by the price formula for the area of the building. Eg using home-type 60 m2dikalikan with building prices per square meter (5 million) is equal to 300 million.
Once you calculate the details of the cost of building materials, calculate the details of other costs such as fees for architecture and the cost to the contractor (if you use both of these services)
If you have, your total cost of above 3. If the budget allows, add a calculation once the property and the cost to decorate your home such as the construction of parks and charging property living room and kitchen.
Build costs Minimalist Type 36
What about the house minimalist type 36? If you want to build a house minimalist type 36 one floor then you can build it with a budget of 50 million. But if you want to build a two-story house, then you should prepare for minimal Rp90 million. But the minimalist house type 36, which is small enough then this will make you must be proficient in conducting the settlement houses.
Build Houses Match Your Dream
Thus information about the cost of construction of a minimalist home. If you are planning a minimalist home construction would be wise if you read and understand the above article properly. Hopefully with this information you can build your home according to what you want and your account.