In a family home, the living room is a room that is important, with this room would look from the outside and assessment of the state of your home where other people who visit and sit back when visiting home.

In realizing a sense of comfort when it is in the living room is certainly not an easy thing, considering how often we hit by a state where the living room is not spacious enough and made us feel a dilemma in placing the furniture, not to mention the problem of costs. For the cost of the problem you need not worry, because you can get tips of loans in

Perhaps there is one type of chair that we like, in terms of color, design and price we can reach it, but when adjusted for the living room will have a mismatch and more often caused by a shortage area. If imposed will certainly give the impression that cramped and uncomfortable.

Here are some tips that you can see when decorating homes, especially in the living room to be more comfortable when there are relatives or colleagues who do visit.

First we have to do is before selecting some living room furniture we must first ascertain whether the furniture fit when we place. Currently we do not have to worry about the limitations of the room so that we can not choose the type of modern furniture that we want, because the furniture manufacturers are now many types of chairs that make beautiful and deliberately minimalist in size due to the current market demand is indeed the case.

Combine paint the living room wall with supporting existing accessories such in that room. Find a matching color with this type of furniture. Mix and match the composition of the room, is one way to add to the ambience more beautiful. The combination of colors and materials used, sometimes adding a living room feels more alive. Through color uniformity, relatively narrow room is expected to be impressed relief.

Placement of room accessories such as a display cabinet is also not a bad idea, we can choose the display cabinets are made of glass. If the room is not spacious enough, then we can choose a display cabinet that is placed on the wall as an alternative. Mantel of glass can add beauty as well can be used as a light source because in it we can put decorative lamps to give a special spot on the objects that we intentionally put in the glass cabinet. Thus indirectly the decorative lighting also contributes to indoor lighting.

Speaking of light, it is important to note in a light room must have adequate lighting, we can choose warmer shades is to install lights with light golden brown. The living room should not be made too bright, especially for the size of the narrow room, because it can give the feel of heat.

To add to the comfort of the living room, we can also put the carpet as a mat so that your feet are not directly in contact with the floor. The carpet itself also serves as additional accent that contributes to the beauty of a room. Because of its place in the living room, then we can choose a carpet color shades darker, not so fast it looks dirty. To avoid high ambient temperatures we also can put the air conditioner or fan so we and visiting guests do not feel the heat.

Put a mirror in one corner of the room also gives the impression becomes more widespread. You can also put some pots or vases of flowers when the living room is spacious living room still looks so cool and fresh.

that is tips on how to organize the living room to make it more comfortable, may be useful for those of you who are designing a new home.