There are several things that must be considered before making any new home construction. Because if you do construction of houses without taking into account correctly, then you will regret it, because the shape and design of the house is not in accordance with what you want, and therefore there are some things you should consider in the construction of new homes.


Item work includes the installation of the foundation stone for the building that houses the long count of all foundation foundations high multiplied by the square meter unit.

Besides here also includes the work of making the work floor in the form of sand is with a thickness of approximately 10 square meters.


These items include workmanship sloof (horizontal reinforced concrete beams were made on the foundation) that the calculation is the total length sloof x width x height = unit m3.

Then making a column that is perpendicular to the pole and Ring sloof Balk similar but the sloop built on columns volume calculation is determined from the number of columns multiplied by the height of the column. Then the installation of electrical and plumbing structures, for the installation of the pipe, you can use the services of a reliable pipe installation which you can see in Plumbers Derby.


Needs brick wall can be calculated from the circumference multiplied by the height of the wall. Then subtract the area of ​​the shutters and doors. Brick size is also considered in this calculation because it can use Celcon or adobe.

Other work is stucco whose volume is twice the volume of masonry.


Its work depends on your request. For example the installation of fences, manufacture canopy, landscape garden, garage.


Before the house is occupied, certainly has had to clean first. Then it’s an absolute cleansing here. The house must be free of dust, dirt, and debris remains of a building.

Of these materials can be calculated funds needed. By calculating every detail needs home is by itself could prepare sufficient funds. Besides, the house can be completed according to the targets set.