Almost all across the world, flowers are given much importance and form an integral part of the society. In culture, tradition, well-being, economy or business, flowers or flower basket are really very important to our lives. Since times immemorial, flowers were used as a conveyor of love to loved ones. It stands for positivity, hope, faith, respect, admiration, etc. As a gift these flowers are often touted to be the best for their soothing and calm beauty. In recent years, floriculture has multiplied the production of flowers to meet the growing demand of flowers in every stage of our lives. And some top florists in India have really metamorphosed the beauty of a flower by incorporating innovation in designing a flower. There are places across India where you can get to see some wonderful flowers. Have a look below:

Government Botanical Garden, Lalbagh, Bengaluru:

This amazing garden was created by Hyder Ali and later taken care by his son Tipu Sultan. British government gave it the current name and now in 2016 Lalbagh celebrated the 202th flower show. The famous flower show is organized in Republic Day and Independence Day. Every year, they follow some theme. This year it was Mysore Dasara and Mysore Palace was replicated with a 27 feet floral set up. You must not miss this show. Go there at least once in your lifetime.

The Agri-horticultural Society of India, Kolkata:

Perhaps it is the oldest garden in the country, established in 1820 and it gained “Royal Charter” in 1935 by King George V. One would find the rarest of the rare medicinal herbs and plants, eco-friendly gardening elements, horticultural development things, consultancies for plants, seeds, herbs production and development. You can call it a moving laboratory of plant world. You can also enroll yourself here to study horticulture. Every year from 2nd to 4th January, a grand winter flower show is hosted here and the annual flower show is held from 5-8th February. The annual flower show is the oldest one in the country.

Gangtok, Sikkim:

More than 5000 flowering plants are found here in Sikkim and there are more than 515 orchids and 36 rhododendrons. The government has taken the floriculture very seriously and hosts various international flower shows in Gangtok mainly in May. More than 20 countries participate in this floral show and tourist attraction is also centered on flower growing places. There is a regular orchid show that takes place here. So, don’t miss the shows if you really love orchids.


The neat and clean beauty of Chandigarh multiplies with this amazing Chrysanthemum specific flower show in Sector 33. It is one of the youngest floral shows as it is only 10 years old and every year December sees the awesome flowers in display here.

Botanical Garden, Ooty:

From 1896, flower shows are being organized here and each year more than 15,000 flower plants are put up for exhibition. Apart from this show, a specific rose show also takes place in May. Floral arrangements and floral rangoli are USP of this show. Many top florists in India take part in decorating the mesmerizing show.