Types Of Pest Control Methods If you’re under the misconception that living somewhere can eliminate the need for professional pest control, then you may want to think again. Even if you live in a place, the humid and dark corners don’t get eliminated whether you like it or not. With this being said, there’s still a need to have pest control service. In addition to that, it is recommended that you call a professional to get the job done instead of calling a local handyman. On the other hand, just before you invest in a professional service, it is ideal that you familiarize yourself with several kinds of pest control methods that are used for residential and commercial properties. And here is a brief preview of the frequently used methods for pest control to help you make a quick and smart choice. Number 1. Preventive approach – always remember that the best way of controlling the population of pests is to invest in ways that prevent such situation from happening. With this being said, preventing methods are key element for successful and effective pest control plan. This will involve sealing all entry points, cutting possible food sources that is attracting pests and locking all breeding grounds.
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Number 2. Bating – in this approach, it is where professionals are using bait in order to attract pests to central location and trap them in. To be sure that the pests will spread it to the entire colony leading to their destruction, the baits are oftentimes quite poisonous.
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Number 3. Insects with benefits – in case that you have an outdoor pest control, there are several types of pests that can be put to good use which is going to prey on specific rodents and insects that can be destroying your landscape. The entire process is completely natural since no chemicals are used. Number 4. Chemicals – this is actually one of the most used ways of eliminating the infestation by spraying the chemicals. Even homeowners know that buying chemicals and spraying them is a good preventive approach as these insecticides are promoted and available in markets. On the other hand, it is best that you depend only on professional’s service because they are the only one who has the knowledge to use chemicals properly and effectively. Number 5. Traps – as for the infestations that are caused by rodents similar to rats as well as mice, then chemicals is something that must be in the least of your list as these are quite difficult targets. Professional pest control companies are going to use traps that are placed strategically to catch rodents.