What’s Involved in Marble Repair

Marble rehabilitation is the revival of a marble floor whose condition has degenerated to acquire its initial state of good appearance. The use of marble on house floors is largely influenced by its general beauty and patterns and it is also used in bathrooms and countertops, therefore it is important that the smallest damaged occurring to it should be noticed and repaired early before the damage gets to a point where doing so is impossible. Marble is different from other stone flooring material because it has an extremely high tolerance to polishing, due to this you can always have its surface looking smooth and shiny.

Despite their high resistance to damage, the marble floor can occasionally get damaged and therefore will require being repaired as per the extent of damage that has happened to it. In the case where a marble floor has over time become rough and non uniform, grinding can be used in making sure that the floor is restored to a more uniform layout. The surface of the marble floor will occasionally become scratched by sharp objects or anything falling on it and this scratches can be eliminated through shining the surface, mostly by use of very hard material such as diamond. In a situation where the marble tiles have completely broken into completely separate but considerably sizeable pieces, the pieces can be bound back together using an adhesive then allowed to harden and returned on the floor, but in cases where the pieces are small, the whole marble tile should be replaced. When some objects fall on the marble floor, they might dig small pits on the floor and remove small chips, it therefore requires that these pits be filled up again and it is achieved by using epoxy material which is colored to match the existing marble stone.

When the marble floor comes under impact from a comparatively heavier and blunt object, it will crack along a given line without entirely breaking and this calls for use of concrete repair epoxy which will be used to fill the crack and if done correctly, there will be no indication of an ever existing crack. Scuff marks are removed from the marble floor by several methods, for example, larger scuff marks are removed by using tennis shoe and rub the spot firmly with heel. Crystallization creates a film on the surface of marble which is durable and helps preserve the brightness of the marble during the final process o marble repair.