A Salt Lamp Keeping Your Room Air Hazards at Bay In case you have never owned Himalayan salt lamp, you may not know what you could be missing. This can be likened with an open window which gives you that ever natural fresh air either in your living room or the working desk. It can also be next to your bed or any other decent place which you may choose to put it. To start with, here are the benefits of Himalayan salt lamp. Himalayan salt are a great air deodorant. Its ability to keep air dust free is one of the major reason which has made the Himalayan lamp salt popularity to grow. Think of other air contaminants, the pollen, cig smoke, pollen and many more, this salt lamp has a scientific way of getting rid of them. You are aware that salts are hygroscopic in nature; now this is the science behind the working of these salt lamps. What this means is that they usually absorb water molecules from the air. The air which is absorbed from the surrounding contains dust particles which are absorbed into the salt crystals as well. The absorbed water then is heated up by the HPS lamp, evaporating back into the air and as a results it leaves the foreign particles trapped in the lamp of salt. From the above process it is evident that air surrounding the salt lamp will be free from foreign particles hence it can be said that this salt lamp reduces allergy and asthma symptoms. This is because they eliminate minute particles of mold, mildew, pet dander and many health hazards from the surrounding. Hence, if you just have one or two Himalayan salt lamps in areas where you spend most of your time in can greatly eliminate allergy issues in places which you spend most of your time in. Those individuals who suffer from asthma normally notice a significant improvement after a week or two.
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The hygroscopic cycling of airborne particles by the Himalayan salt lamp, changes the charge of the released molecules. In in a normal condition houses is filled up with positively charged ions which are very unhealthy to your breath health. The positive ions greats affects the filters in the trachea because it make them sluggish and they in return become very ineffective in preventing foreign materials find their way into your lungs. Himalayan pink salt lamp absorbs water as well as particles from the air taking positive ions with them.Looking On The Bright Side of Crystals