The Advantages of Having a Pond Fountain Having a fountain in your backyard is definitely fantastic for the water garden. Such can make a fantastic focal point by forming a soothing cascade and lively geyser. The fountains look attractive and they also add such relaxing sound because of the pond’s running water. These excellent water features are fantastic for the general health of the pond. Moreover, they could help improve the pond aeration by increasing the amount of the oxygen in the water and also keeping such constantly moving. The cycle of the moving water may filter out any waste and debris that starts to accumulate. So that you can ensure that pond fountain is functioning in an effective way, then it is very important that you conduct regular maintenance on this. It is also imperative that you understand how to take care of your pond fountain pump. You must know that the pond fountains are operated by pumps. For you to ensure that the fountain works well, you have to take good care of it. You must make sure that you clean the filter. You should know that the submersible pump filters get clogged with debris sometimes. When you see that the flow of water in the pond is slowing down, this tells that the filter needs cleaning. Also, you won’t have to clean the filter over two or three times a year and this is not a huge investment. One important thing that you should remember is not to over clean the filter. You should not pressure wash the pads and you must not use regular tap water to clean them. These methods will kill all of the good bacteria in the pond pump.
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Despite the changing seasons, it is imperative that you stay on schedule. When you are living in an area of the country which has changing seasons, then you have to make sure that the pond fountain pump is ready for the weather each one brings. On spring and fall, there are a lot of debris that would fall into the pond and you should be proactive in cleaning it. You need to make use of a pond skimmer in order to remove most of the sticks, leaves as well as flowers in order to keep them off from clogging the filter.
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Depending on the area’s coldness, you may have to shut down the pump and then store this for the winter. The freezing temperatures may cause the internal components of the pond fountain pump to break and freeze. Chances are you will not be running your pond fountain in the winter so it is a great decision that you give this a break. Getting a pond fountain is fantastic for the pond. This water feature can surely help the pond to make a statement and also, maintaining this is just minimal.