This is the rundown of the work I did. I started by tearing down all of the wood plank paneling, the ceiling tile paneling (don’t ask), the tiled tub encompass and the tile floor. Then I ripped down the wall masking on the insulated outer wall and installed a window (can’t believe there wasn’t a window!) and new insulation. Moderately than living with drywall dust, I opted to install bead board panels on all of the partitions and the ceiling. I put in 1×6 pine baseboards and 1x2s for crown molding with 1x4s and 1x5s for trim with a number of particular trim items to make the space look more vintage.

Recycled glass and cement is an other nice concept to consider when doing any rework. You can use it , simply as you would granite. I’ve seen the samples and I believe it would look fabulous in a rest room as a counter prime or as bathe partitions. I really like the specs of glass. The pattern in each is slightly different. It for me has a really airy feel, yet it’s solid because it is of its cement composition.

What a cheerful determination that turned out to be! Once we started grouting, we instantly liked the look of the white grout in opposition to the white tile. Maybe the gray grout in a small bathroom may have made the ground look a little too busy. And fortunately I cannot even tell you where our tile mistakes are now as a result of it isn’t in the slightest degree noticeable.

However, in case you comply with the few simple pointers talked about above and make a good job of it, making great looking cabinets from old laminated chipboard furnishings is a quick and simple DIY process; and on the very least will make an excellent semi-permanent answer to your shelving needs till such time as you might have the money and time to transform your shelves utilizing actual wood.

I decided to transform our half of tub that’s positioned on our first floor. This bathroom was built quite just a few years in the past in a hurry. My residence use to belong to my nice grandparents. My nice grandmother was not in a position to make the trip upstairs to the lavatory because of health motive that only allowed her to climb the steps once per day. So a make shift toilet equipped with a toilet and sink was constructed within the corner of the living room. For years, particularly the 10 that I have lived here, it was only a toilet that appeared thrown together. But I made a decision to make it look as if it had been purported to be there.