Here Are The Different Types Of Plumbing Repairs And AC Repairs

When your plumbing and AC does not properly function then it can really be frustrating. When this happens your living conditions will also get affected. Good thing there are a lot of qualified and experienced plumbers and technicians that can fix these problems.

Below are the most common plumbing repairs:

The flush of the toilet is noisy

One of the most common plumbing problem is the noise of the flush of the toilet. This may be a small problem but this is a really common plumbing problem. It is easy to fix this type of plumbing problem. The main cause of this problem is the fill valve can be damaged.

Running toilets

Running toilets is another problem that they encounter. Water is wasted if the water in the toilet is continuously running even when it is not in use. The main cause of this problem is the flapper of the toilet.

Stinky toilets

Another plumbing problem that most people encounter is a stinky toilet. It is very frustrating to have a stinky toilet. These problems can occur if the pipe may be damaged and the water in the bowl is not enough or the wax ring is defective.

Stinky bathtubs

Smelly bathtubs is another plumbing problem. This problem usually occur when the trap is broken or has a leak. Another cause of this problem is the infrequent use of the bathtub. The trap will be to dry.

Blocked drains

Blocked drains is another plumbing problem. Blocked drains can be caused by soap particles, fat, hair and other kinds of debris. This can also happen in kitchen drains.

Here are the most common AC repairs:

Heat pump will freeze

One problem that can occur in winter is when the heat pump of the AC freezes. This can really be a big problem. If water drips on the unit then the heat pump can get damaged. The heat pump will not reach the right temperature when this happens. Example, you will need to set your thermostat to 70? , but it does not even go higher than 65?. The technician should change the compressor valves and the reserve valves.

The humidifier is damaged

Another AC problem is a damaged humidifier. It is actually easy to fix this kind of problem. The technician just needs to thoroughly clean the humidifier in order for it to efficiently run.

Noisy AC unit

One of the most common AC problem is the AC unit is noisy. Heat pumps are usually noisy, however it is not common if it creates very loud noises. This happens if it has a bad motor, bad compressor valve or if the blade is heating something.

Today, plumbing and AC technology is really improving.