The big hole is an old drugs cabinet I’m guessing and the torn up walls are due to the glue that was on the again of the big vainness mirror.

Image hooks and screws can be used to hang lighter objects on any sort of wall in nearly any location without the need to search for studs. To be on the secure aspect, I’d recommend this methodology only for objects weighing no more than 10 to 12 lbs and prefer to maintain them closer to half that, although picture hooks can be found for up to 25 lbs and extra.

I wrote a little bit about the sheet rock joint compound above. I am utilizing this as a result of I like the best way it performs. There are other products that you can purchase for a similar goal however personally I do not like them as a lot because the sheet rock joint compound. You should utilize plaster of Paris, plaster, and there are other identify model merchandise on the market. I do know I have used the whole lot they manufacture and I at all times go back to the joint compound. I at all times use the powdered kind that it’s important to combine your self. I told you why however let me expound.

If the stud is simply cracked, however nonetheless complete, the repair is simple. Drywall for residential properties is usually 5/8 inch thick. Screw as many 1 to 1 1/2 inch wooden screws by the sheet rock and into the stud. I like using decking screws due to their toughness and good grip. Wood screws have bigger spaces between the teeth to grip wooden fibers higher. Set the screw head just below the floor of the Sheetrock and finish your patch as regular.

Make sure you read the package deal or ask a knowledgeable particular person within the hardware store or department if you’re undecided which anchor will work to your type of wall development. Packages for hanging hardware also will specify how a lot weight they’re supposed to have the ability to hold. I suggest you are taking that with a grain of sand (or plaster mud).