Dating Photo Fails

Registering at an online dating service is surely an option in what refers to finding a match. And millions of people around the globe do register on the safe mature dating sites in order to be happy with someone truly special.

Naturally, to find a person you can start some serious relationships with, you need to first dig through tons of profiles and view hundreds of photos of the potential candidates. And sometimes these photos turn out to be a mere parody of how one sees a man/woman of his/her dream…

Online dating photo fails

  1. Shirtless selfie

One of the current ’trends’ of online dating sphere is to upload shirtless photos to a site. Some believe this adds attractiveness to their image. But the fact is, pretending to be in shape in partially nude pics causes nothing except for another eye roll. Mind it next time.

  1. Hidden-face photo

Picturing yourself wearing a helm or sunglasses, or a hockey mask, might seem fun but we doubt women will actually appreciate that kind of photo. First things first, those who view your profile, need to see your face. So skip all those funny hats, cowboy veils, and pirate patches unless you want to be regarded as the one with some kind of deformity.

  1. In-front-of-scenery shot

Photographing nature landscapes is, of course, a number one hobby for majority of people. Yet, if the shot is taken from afar, there’s simply nothing to view on it except for the background itself. As you know, for site users, it’s of primary importance to look at you as at a potential match and not to admire the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls.

  1. Photos in a company of other women

That’s just another reason for your profile to be mocked and ignored. Who are you trying to fool? Are you saying you can get any woman on the planet in a blink of an eye? This trick won’t work with women that receive hundreds of messages daily. Here’s an advice, pick some suitable photo of you where you are alone.

  1. Low-quality pictures

Definitely, in the age of modern technologies, low-resolution photos won’t do you any favor, especially if they are takes in some dark alley or on the go. Choose only well-lit, clear pictures, as owning an old model of Nokia won’t be taken as an excuse for sure. Anyways, it’s for your own benefit, so mind it.

So, when creating a profile on an online dating website, pay special attention to the photo you choose as it might become the reason for not getting any dates at all.