Some find peace in meditation, philanthropy, music, etc and for others, it is content writing. Writing is one of the attributes that can’t be developed strenuously; it comes to a person naturally. If you are a budding content writer or an established creative writer, there is a certain set of facets that belong to you, even if you are completely unaware of it.

Read on to know more about the 10 things you have in common with content writers around the globe.

1) You are drenched in thoughts: You read an intriguing quotation? Found a fitting counter to a debated topic? It is probable that you are looking for a write-up where you can adjust these thoughts. Being a content writer, you will look for chances to add value to your content.

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2) You can be an SEO trainer: For recruited or freelance content writers, the first requirement is to write content that Google loves, i.e. SEO friendly. You incorporate important keywords that suit the target audience, create proper headings, add outbound links, fetch you back links, etc.

3) People cal you grammar-nazi: Irritating to hear, but you have surely giggled a little when people call you a grammar freak. After all, it is actually something to be proud of, isn’t it? Every content writer wants hi/her write up to be free from grammatical error. It is embarrassing when your readers spot glitches in your article.

4) You are an excellent observer: In the era of plagiarism and spun content, only those who can write fresh content are here to stay. Hence, a good writer is a good observer and grasps knowledge from any and every credible source. The more the ideas, the finer the content!

5) You become an excellent researcher: As a content writer, you have come face to face with situations where you were completely oblivious of the topic. As a result, you are a pro at which keywords to search and which websites to crawl on, to get the relevant matter.

6) You become presentable: If anyone was to compare the presentation skills of a marketer and you, your product would be on the lower side of the weighing pan. This goes down to the fact that you have mastered in alignment, giving perfect headings and subheadings and are a pro at word font.

7) You have a lot to read: Not just that you have bookmarked a few web links, but you have a complete bucket list of books, stories and miscellaneous reading material to read. You just can’t miss out on any ingenious piece of content writing.

8) Shortcuts are saviors:  Dictionary, Grammarly and Thesaurus add-ons become your best friends. You also get handy with softwares like plagiarism checker, AbiWord, Serpstat, Nuvi, etc.

9) Article ranking entices you: You constantly keep checking the rankings of the articles posted. It is heavenly to see your blogs occupy the hot spots on search engines.

  10) Pro at editing: The adage, “Put it in a nutshell’ was made for writers. You know how to convey the meaning of a 2000 word article in 200 words, without churning out the meat of the matter!

If you are a writer, you surely relate to all these pointers!